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Since 1961 we brought Maremma on your tables

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Borghi Toscani

Il Cassero

Sheep’s milk cheese aged from 60 to 120 days

The color of the crust is an amber-colored straw yellow. The internal vision reveals a creamy milk color, but under this apparent armor there is a workshop of essences in full swing. After the cut, here is the smell of perfumed notes and perfumes of latex evolved and structured with scents of melted butter, floral and fruity tones in quantity. The taste is pleasantly sapid but totally balanced and the chewing of the dough leaves to perceive lactic aromas and meat broth. A bouquet of long persistence with intriguing notes of spiciness.



Il Principe

Sheep’s milk cheese aged 5-6 months and over

Compact and quite elastic pasta, straw-yellow in color. The smell that offers the nose to the cut is quite interesting. While maintaining original traces of cooked lactic, it is possible to clearly distinguish evolved vegetable aromas of cooked vegetables and dried fruit. The aromas are those of dry fodder, aromatic herbs and medium toasted. On the finish it gives pleasant sensations of a light spicy.

Il Gorello

Sheep’s milk cheese aged for 45-60 days

La crosta, untuosa e piuttosto liscia, ha un colore giallo paglierino di media intensità. L’aspetto interno rivela un color avorio tendente al giallo paglierino. Al naso si percepiscono interessanti sentori di lattico-cotto, burro cotto, cereali, con effluvi di verdure lesse e frutta secca, in particolare
albicocche. Lascia una piacevole sensazione di freschezza.

The crust, unctuous and rather smooth, has a straw yellow color of medium intensity. The internal appearance reveals an ivory color tending to straw yellow. To the nose you can perceive interesting hints of lactic-cooked, cooked butter and cereals, with scents of boiled vegetables and dried fruit, in particular apricots. It leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness.

San Giorgio

Sheep’s milk cheese and cow’s milk aged for 45-60 days

Crust, unctuous and wrinkled. Of an intense straw yellow color. Inside, the pasta highlights a beautiful bright ivory color and a fine and regular holes. The cut is an opportunity to appreciate the smell of fresh milk with hints of dried fodder. The gustatory examination highlights also a dominant one
acidity and non-evolved lactic aromas, with traces of aromatic herbs and animal scents.

San Bruzio

Sheep’s milk cheese aged for over 60 days

The pasta, of rather soft consistency, offers a beautiful ivory color to the eye. The holes are present in irregular shape and of fine size. The olfactory examination highlights predominantly fresh lacerate scents and fresh fodder nuances, while the gustative one confirms a good balance of
flavors with slight predominance of acidity, with aromas of yogurt, whey, fresh grass and small flowery notes with medium-low persistence.

La Rocca

Sheep’s milk cheese aged for 15-20 days

When cut, one can appreciate the subtle size of the straw-colored rind and a milk-white color for the dough, of a tender structure, which has a uniformly distributed hole. For the nose there are pleasant hints of fresh milk, freshly made curd, while the following gustatory examination reveals aromas of yogurt with fresh herbaceous tones.

La Laguna

Sheep’s milk cheese and cow’s milk aged for 15-20 days

Soft milky-white paste with a thin sub-crust and small holes. On the nose you can perceive a delicate fragrance of fresh lactic components, while the sweet and salty with aromas of milk and fresh butter stand out on the taste test.

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