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We’ve brought a little taste of the Maremma to your plate for more than 50 years

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Pecorino Toscano PDO


Pecorino Toscano PDO is a classic fresh, soft paste sheep’s cheese, made from pasteurized sheep’s milk with the addition of selected indigenous cultures, rennet and salt. The minimum aging is 20 days as required by the production regulations to affix the PDO mark in ink. It is eaten usually after 30-45 days, and its sweet and delicate flavor evokes the scent of Maremma and Tuscan pastures.


Pecorino Toscano PDO is recognized by the fiery PDO label. The minimum aging is 120 days, and its dough, slightly straw colored, has small holes. The flavor is intense and slightly spicy. It’s a perfected table cheese, either grated or added as a tasty ingredient to bring out the best of the of traditional Italian and Tuscan dishes.

Aged Pecorino Toscano PDO 12 Months

Aged Pecorino Toscano PDO can be defined with this denomination starting from 4 month of maturation. With the guaranteed minimum ageing of 12 months, we want to give a more precise connotation to a product which is able to express the most of all the typical flavours and the aromas of our classic aged Pecorino Toscano PDO thanks to the time that has passed by. Nevertheless, the particular conditions of refinement and perfection conditions that we have created to enhance the organoleptic characteristics in the best possible way don’t deeply influence its structure, which remains the typical one of a pleasant table cheese.


Pecorino Toscano PDO Organic is produced from organic sheep’s milk. It has a subtle and delicate flavor if fresh or and a more intense one if aged. It’s good both as a table cheese or as an appetizer, main dish or ingredient for first and second courses, not to mention desserts.


Pecorino Toscano PDO Halal certificate is in compliance with Islamic precepts and is recognized as such by the Islamic Zayd Ibn Thabi. The difference with the traditional Pecorino Toscano PDO is not to be found in the product quality, but how it’s made.  It’s all about following procedures conforming to Islamic religion, starting with using alcohol-free products to clean equipment or indications label. The Caseificio Sociale Manciano Cheesemaking Factory has produced Pecorino Toscano PDO Halal since 2012 and was the first cheesemaking factory in the Pecorino Toscano PDO Consortium to produce it.

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