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Tuscan-eating and talking sheep

//Our objectives

Our objectives

Stilnovo aims to implement innovative practices, from the environmental and economic aspects of sustainable management of forage resources in order to improve milk production, extend grazing, increase company profitability and ensure better sustainability in the agricultural sector and increased biodiversity.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Help the native species to be discovered and cultivated for better sheep feeding, which also results in better milk. Studies on native species, along with a multi-year cultivation plan, will allow to expand the forage systems and to mitigate soil erosion, deseasonalizing pastures and decreasing concentrated feed use, reducing costs for businesses and guaranteeing more environmental sustainability.
  • Get a high-quality milk that implements innovative concepts that “wink” in the recent past on sheep. This, along with the grazing outdoors for most of the year, will have a positive impact on milk and cheese quality, as well as on the companies’ economic situation.
  • Rely on milk all year. Today the average period of grazing is 5-6 months a year, while Stilnovo aims to increase this period to reduce costs for farmers and try to get a more even distribution of milk production throughout the year.
  • Stimulate its production to the territory by rediscovering native species, enhancing the landscape, making it fertile some soils, reducing their state neglect and the risk of erosion, with important repercussions on plant biodiversity protection.
  • Make more competitive products and companies by reducing power costs for the sheep, that will encourage new investment to further optimize and improve the processes of analysis and production, with productivity benefits and company competitiveness.
  • Make the cheese’s crust more edible, thanks to the implementation of surface treatments based on plant-based molecules.

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