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We’ve brought a little taste of the Maremma to your plate for more than 50 years

//Fresh cheeses

Fresh cheeses


Tuscan Caciotta, which is mixed and produced with sheep’s and cow’s milk, can either be made dish-shaped or with straight sides. The first one has tiny holes, while the second one is a soft, compact pale straw-colored paste with a delicate and gentle taste


This cheese is a Tuscan Caciotta sheep’s cheese, typically dish-shaped with a to tender white paste, which has a fresh and delicate flavor Great on its own or as a table cheese after a meal.


A soft cheese needing very little aging, it has a soft cut paste, white and unmistakable flavor, sweet in the mixed version with sheep’s and  cow’s milk and more decisive in the pure sheep’s milk version. It’s best served as an appetizer or as a main dish.

Tomino di pecora

A smaller cheese, a soft white paste, has a fresh and delicate flavor.  It’s perfect as a table cheese or as an end-of-the-meal treat.

Fior di Maremma

Tuscan Caciotta sheep molded into the traditional hexagonal shape, is a soft cheese, white and unmistakable sweet flavor. Excellent both as an appetizer or as a main course, it’s usually consumed with 10-15 days of aging.

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