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We’ve brought a little taste of the Maremma to your plate for more than 50 years

//Traditional cheeses

Traditional cheeses

Pecorino Nero di Tiburzi

A compact and crumbly sheep’s cheese, the more aged it is the more it tends to crumble when you cut it, expected to age between a minimum of 20-30 days to a maximum of 5-6 months. It’s made with pasteurized sheep’s milk with the addition of selected lactic ferments, rennet and salt. After 60-70 days of ripening its taste becomes strong and unmistakable.


This name comes from its shape that recalls wicker baskets used at one time for molding the cheese.  A spicy cheese, it is usually consumed after an aging process that lasts anywhere from 20 to 45 days.


Similar to the Canestrato, this cheese also recalls the wicker baskets used in the past for molding. Its flavor tends to be spicy and is usually consumed after having been aged for anywhere between 20 and 45 days.

Formaggio Misto Abbucciato

Made from sheep’s and cow’s milk, this cheese has a slightly creamy paste and small, uniform holes. Generally, it’s good to eat after being aged for 30 to 40 days, but can also be aged up to anywhere between 4 to 8 months.

Spia della Maremma

This cheese is a tribute to the town of Manchester, called ‘the Maremma Spy’ because of its geographical location, situated on a hill overlooking the Maremma. This cheese also celebrates the ‘artisans’ of the Manciano cheesemaking factory that have carefully and wisely transformed milk from the Maremma pastures into tasteful masterpieces since 1961. The cheese is tied to the area through its label, which depicts the work ‘My Country’ by the Manciano artist Gemma Detti. To give added value to the product, its crust is rubbed with extra virgin olive oil so that the ripening is able to give it that good old-fashioned flavor and aroma.

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